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Elizabeth LaHood Hinnen - Founder

Elizabeth LaHood Hinnen


In my thirty plus years it has long been know to me that I am an old soul. As a young child at Sunday brunch I could most often be found wrapping silverware with the older waitresses, chatting contentedly instead of running around with the other kids. My favorite TV shows were I love Lucy and Sunny and Cher. I collect vinyl records. I prefer holding a book in my hands instead of reading from a kindle or off my phone. And despite the popularity of online subscriptions, the convenience of digital streaming, and the ease of scrolling through a social media feed, I still want to feel the paper and frame the pictures, and flip through a magazine. In our mesmerizing and ever-changing world, there is so much that is improving daily (and I am grateful for that), but part of me yearns for the quality and the beauty of the little things that are getting left behind. I want to bring back some of the old comforts, and shine a light on our little corner of the world.

Elizabeth LaHood Hinnen

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