About Us

About Construction Beauty Magazine

Our “About Us” section is all about us—you and I.

We are women of central Illinois, striving to find our place and make our mark on the world.

We are contributors, yearning to make a difference in our city, and around the world.

We believe in home, family, community, and in doing the little things well.

We work hard, day and night, to bring light and joy and share what we love.

We are wives and mothers, artists and designers, restauranteurs and chefs, doctors and
financial advisors, hair stylists and teachers, coaches and housekeepers, writers and painters,
farmers and computer engineers, helping to construct a safe place for our community, top
education for our students, and a home for our families.

We love our city—its history, its people, and its future. We are proud of where we live, what
we’ve been given, and we hope to leave this part of the planet better than we found it.

We are the women of Peoria and its surrounding communities, midwesterners at heart, who are
always building up and never tearing down.

This is us–you and I–working together. Let’s build something beautiful.

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