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Construction Beauty Magazine is a woman-owned and operated print magazine startup serving the greater Peoria area. Our mission is to inspire pride in our big “small town,” and spread love for its people, history, and future. We focus on the person who made their dream a reality by highlighting stories, histories, and resources from community writers, businesses, restaurants, and artists. We tell stories that are good, true, and beautiful, emphasizing the heart and passion that keep this city running. We strive to encourage our readers to shop local, tour local, and be local. We inform readers about the events happening in town: concerts, shows, games, restaurant openings, fundraisers, and charities. We are writers, artists, business owners, photographers, wives and mothers, restaurant managers, and more, representing many facets of community life. We are proud of our heritage and where we come from, and hope to make the lives of the women in our area a little better, by shining a spotlight on this place we get to call “home.”

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From My Desk


In central Illinois, we are no strangers to snowfall, ice, and the cold. We welcome it every winter with equal
excitement and dread.

I eagerly await that white crisp layer that makes it feel like Christmas. I personally find snow the most beautiful when I’m enjoying it from inside, looking out the window with a warm drink in hand, while wearing sweatpants. But that sentiment quickly changes when I realize I forgot to buy extra salt, misplaced the shovel, and it sinks in that our car isn’t going to make it out of the driveway.

Snow is yet another element of the holidays in which we tend to rush through the enjoyment, only to focus on the inconvenience it has created. It’s crazy how our perspective switches from when we are children looking forward to snow days, snowmen, and snow ball fights, then in adulthood shifting to frozen pipes, driving conditions, heating bills, and black ice. 

This winter season, no matter your perspective, I challenge you to dig a little deeper (pun intended) and focus, not on what snow affects, but what it is made up of-snowflakes! It’s hard to believe that those tiny individual flakes have such potential to shift our perspective, mood, memories, and plans. And the craziest part of all? There are no two that are the same. When they fall from the clouds, each one’s journey is unique due to their sensitivity to fluctuating temperatures. They, much like people, blend into the masses, but have their own stories to tell. 

This Christmas season, I hope you keep your perspective like that of a child, and take the time to look at the snowflakes around us, even if it hasn’t yet snowed.

Elizabeth Hinnen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at CBM

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