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Construction Beauty Magazine is a woman-owned and operated print magazine startup serving the greater Peoria area. Our mission is to inspire pride in our big “small town,” and spread love for its people, history, and future. We focus on the person who made their dream a reality by highlighting stories, histories, and resources from community writers, businesses, restaurants, and artists. We tell stories that are good, true, and beautiful, emphasizing the heart and passion that keep this city running. We strive to encourage our readers to shop local, tour local, and be local. We inform readers about the events happening in town: concerts, shows, games, restaurant openings, fundraisers, and charities. We are writers, artists, business owners, photographers, wives and mothers, restaurant managers, and more, representing many facets of community life. We are proud of our heritage and where we come from, and hope to make the lives of the women in our area a little better, by shining a spotlight on this place we get to call “home.”

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From My Desk


What I love most about our cover is the element of mystery that relates to this issue's theme, "time." In the photo you can't tell where this woman has been, or where she's going, but we take in the beauty of where she is at the present.

Time is the measuring tool we use to tell our life story. It marks the major milestones, organizes our past, and provides a countdown to what we look forward to in the future. Time is an elusive mystery, yet a reliable structure, and a universal language that connects us all.

In life, no one is guaranteed the amount of time we will have. But we do have control of the way in which we spend that time, and the style we choose to live it. But for most of us, I think there's a way we want to live, which is probably different from the way we are living. I know there are those who are at a season of life who have it "figured out," but for most of us, there is a disconnect.

Ideally, who wouldn't want to approach everyday life in a peaceful manner, with every detail delicately planned and flawlessly executed? But reality can be more like pulling dirty jeans out of the hamper, dusting in some dry shampoo, and complaining to a girlfriend over a well-deserved cup of coffee that has grown cold.

With a little thought we can all list elements of life that if we could just change, everything could be just a little bit better. But then a well justifiable (insert here) reason gets in the way, and change doesn't happen. I get it-we're busy. Change is hard. But what if there was a way to bridge that gap? A way to connect where you are with where you want to go? A way that doesn't take all the extra time you don't have, combined with the frustration it takes to figure it out? No one can promise the perfect formula to life (where would the fun be in that?), but we can help introduce you to recourses to different elements that can help point you in the direction without having to go farther than this place we call "home."

There was a quote I had heard in a movie years ago. A man said, “The woman should be the leading lady in her own story..." and that has always stuck with me. If your life were a movie, what character would you be? Have you cast yourself as the leading lady? A supporting role? An extra? Do we spend more time scrolling through the highlights of other people's lives than making the changes we want to see in our own?

It's time to star in our own story! We are all under construction, but I encourage you to find the beauty in the process, and start becoming the leading lady we all know you were meant to be.

Elizabeth Hinnen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at CBM

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