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Construction Beauty Magazine is a woman-owned and operated print magazine startup serving the greater Peoria area. Our mission is to inspire pride in our big “small town,” and spread love for its people, history, and future. We focus on the person who made their dream a reality by highlighting stories, histories, and resources from community writers, businesses, restaurants, and artists. We tell stories that are good, true, and beautiful, emphasizing the heart and passion that keep this city running. We strive to encourage our readers to shop local, tour local, and be local. We inform readers about the events happening in town: concerts, shows, games, restaurant openings, fundraisers, and charities. We are writers, artists, business owners, photographers, wives and mothers, restaurant managers, and more, representing many facets of community life. We are proud of our heritage and where we come from, and hope to make the lives of the women in our area a little better, by shining a spotlight on this place we get to call “home.”

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From My Desk


No matter what season of life I find myself in, I struggle to find balance. I have read self-help books, taken classes, and learned from other women. But as soon as I think I start to have a grasp on things, the season turns. It's one of the beautiful things about life — but for better or for worse — change is inevitable. And as soon as I'm not intentionally hyper-focused on an individual aspect of life, it goes to the wayside.

Being the youngest of nine, I have mastered "going with the flow." But in the category of routine and discipline, I find myself wanting. Construction Beauty Magazine was my answer to this: I wanted something that was beautiful, relatable, and inspirational to women who found themselves in the same boat. I wanted to provide a monthly reminder that served as a safe space to intentionally grow in different aspects of life. I wanted "a girlfriends' guide" to community and resources that are not only attainable and accessible, but provided in a way that allows readers take break from the daily chaos and overwhelm. I wanted to create something worthy of a woman's precious time, because it is in the little changes each day that we set the foundation to build greatness. It is in learning that we grow. And it is by finding the beauty and inspiration that we find strength to make the change.

Meanwhile, I find myself writing this at 2pm while still in pajamas with dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper, and a to-do list that looks like it's coming out of Mary Poppins' bag. I took a break from marketing and business planning to sing a "Good Morning" song to my daughter after her nap. My house is sponsored by caffeine, and the more I learn the more I realize how much I don't know. BUT, we only get one life. And I am determined to live it to the best of my ability with intention and joy! I am convinced it is worth the effort to put in the work, and make it the best it can be. And while we're at it, why not put a little extra hard work into the little things to make this life filled with memories that don't want to forget?

Elizabeth Hinnen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at CBM

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