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Construction Beauty Magazine is a woman-owned and operated print magazine startup serving the greater Peoria area. Our mission is to inspire pride in our big “small town,” and spread love for its people, history, and future. We focus on the person who made their dream a reality by highlighting stories, histories, and resources from community writers, businesses, restaurants, and artists. We tell stories that are good, true, and beautiful, emphasizing the heart and passion that keep this city running. We strive to encourage our readers to shop local, tour local, and be local. We inform readers about the events happening in town: concerts, shows, games, restaurant openings, fundraisers, and charities. We are writers, artists, business owners, photographers, wives and mothers, restaurant managers, and more, representing many facets of community life. We are proud of our heritage and where we come from, and hope to make the lives of the women in our area a little better, by shining a spotlight on this place we get to call “home.”

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A letter from the Editor:

In my 32 years it has long been known to me that I am an old soul. As a young child at Sunday brunch I could most often be found wrapping silverware with the older waitresses, chatting contentedly instead of running around with the other kids. My favorite TV shows were I love Lucy and Sunny and Cher. I collect vinyl records. I prefer holding a book in my hands instead of reading from a kindle or off my phone. And despite the popularity of online subscriptions, the convenience of digital streaming, and the ease of scrolling through a social media feed, I still want to feel the paper and frame the pictures, and flip through a magazine. In our mesmerizing and ever-changing world, there is so much that is improving daily (and I am grateful for that), but part of me yearns for the quality and the beauty of the little things that are getting left behind. And after the wild year (and a half) we’ve experienced, I can’t help but crave the joy and connection that’s been missing. I want to bring back some of those old comforts, and I want to shine a light in the chaos.

In our little corner of the world, it’s easy to overlook all that our area has to offer—and it’s even easier to take for granted the incredible and passionate people who keep this city running. I want to remedy that. As the world continues to shift, there has been no better time to buy local, be local, tour local, and support local—and we are here to share what the greater Peoria area has to offer.

At Construction Beauty Magazine we want to be a happy part of your day. We want to pair well with an excellent cup of coffee or your favorite glass of wine. We aim to be a source of inspiration and high-quality content. In this inaugural issue, we put forth this hope: that we can help women in the pursuit of true joy and beauty, and offer ideas for inspiration and personal growth, by connecting you with quality businesses, people, and knowledge that is local to your community. We strive to provide you with resources that you will not only enjoy, but that are also within reach, in your own backyard. Join us as we get to know our surrounding areas and the beautiful people in them.

So, welcome back! Welcome back to school, to your favorite restaurants, to your clothing stores. Welcome back to work, to the office, to your church, to your community! And welcome to Construction Beauty Magazine!

Elizabeth Hinnen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at CBM

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